Increase Your Plant Production and Profitability

Boost your plant’s profitability with DSM’s latest high performance yeast for starch fermentation. Send us your mash for a free assessment, and we’ll show you how much more your plant could make.

Increase Your Yields
Up To 5%
Lower Your GA Purchases
Up To 70%
Optimize Your Processes with Our Technical Team
Higher Profits
for Your Plant

Investing in a Profitable and Renewable Future

DSM Advanced Yeasts & Enzymes is committed to a sustainable future for all. Join our efforts by completing a 1-minute survey about your plant, and we’ll dontate $25 to Feeding America in your name.

Higher yields, lower GA purchases


Meet the new member of the eBOOST® family

Demonstrating up to a 5% increase in ethanol yield and nearly 75% reduction in glycerol production as seen with eBOOST®, while adding the benefit in fermentation of reducing the amount of GA by up to 70%. Potential higher reduction percentages can be achieved, depending on plant operations. Developed by DSM, eBOOST® GT is a technology package that includes advanced yeast, a license to proprietary technology and technical service from DSM’s local team. The advanced yeast is tailored to provide ethanol producers with an easy-to-use (“drop-in”) solution that will optimize ethanol production and improve their profitability.

Features and Benefits

Robust performance with
consistent results
  • Increased ethanol yields up to 5%*
  • Reduction of glycerol up to 75%*
  • Allowing up to 70% reduction in GA in fermentation process
  • Available for commercial trials
  • Proprietary technology
  • Manufactured in the USA
  • All regulatory approvals in place   (MCAN, GRAS)
  • * As compared to industry standard yeast

Superior Performance

No other yeast technologies have been shown to increase ethanol yields and reduce glycerol formation as significantly or consistently as DSM’s eBOOST® technology (when compared to industry-standard and advanced yeast products). eBOOST® GT brings the additional benefit of added GA expression, allowing for enhanced processing optimization, leading up to a up to 70% reduction in additional GA that is needed in fermentation.

Make more money with eBOOST® GT

Want to send us your mash or learn more about eBOOST® GT and DSM Advanced Yeasts and Enzymes? Please contact Kelly Hawkinson or fill out the form below and we’ll be in touch soon.
Kelly Hawkinson
Marketing & Sales Director
DSM Bio-based Products & Services

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